Magnum Fuels was founded in 1985 by Henry 'Buzz' Butler. Buzz is an avid modeler, participating in many aspects of RC including Sport, Pattern, Scale and most recently, Helicopter. To quote Buzz, "I have always been interested in engines and what makes them run well, so it was a natural for me to begin experimenting with model engine fuel. It wasn't too hard to figure out - it was easy to make a good fuel, the hard part was how to make a 'great' fuel. There are many small details that go into the final product to create a consistently running, cost effective fuel that performs well at any altitude and provides excellent wear protection without sacrificing performance."

Initially, Magnum Fuels was only available in and around Denver. In 1988, Buzz introduced a new fuel called Magnum #1, #2 and #3. It provided a significant boost in power and cooler running engines. A lot of people wanted to know how much nitro was in each, but to this day, Buzz still keeps that a closely guarded secret. Needless to say, the price performance of the Magnum #1, #2 and #3 soon had people outside the Denver area ordering his fuel. Not only did they like the extra power (price performance), but they also discovered his lubrication package was extending the life of their engines. In 1989, Magnum Fuels relocated to a new shop at 1400 W. 70th Ave., Denver, CO 80221, which houses Magnum Fuels manufacturing facilities and also Heli Port Hobbies.

Today you will see pilots from all over the world competing with Magnum Fuel at the top of every discipline. Whether local fixed wing, helicopters, car, boat, to the AMA Nats., 3D Masters, XFC, and F3C championships, one thing remains the same - Magnum's consistent history of success has been the choice of successive competitors at the highest level.

While being proud that our fuel is adopted by competitors our original and continuing objective is to support regular fliers. You will see Buzz and many of our Magnum distributors and dealers at Fly-ins and shows both here in the US and around the World. We believe that our fuels 'speak for themselves' - we are always keen to meet up with our customers and enjoy the tremendous challenge of many of these RC disciplines.

Please click on the Products tab above for specific questions and answers about our products and fuels in general. This section contains all the info about purchasing Magnum Fuels direct - in the event your local Hobby Shop doesn't yet carry it. We believe you will find our prices very reasonable. If you are a dealer and would like to carry our fuel, please drop us an email or call to discuss dealer pricing. Thanks for viewing our website. If you have any additional questions, just drop us an email at and we'll get right back to you.

Magnum Production Facility, Denver
At the 2010 Lehi Heli Fun Fly, Spanish Forks UT